N700 Interior
Entrance Vestibule

From the minute you enter the N700-I, the quality is apparent. Above is the First/Business Class entrance vestibule.

Overhead Lighting

Lighting in the passenger cabins runs in a single line through the ceiling center to give an added sense of openness. Light covers in the Japanese Washi paper design and the use of edge rings have also enhanced the sense of serenity. The elegant lights, easy on the eyes, make an N700-I journey a pleasant experience.

Overhead Bins

The N700-I is equipped with spacious luggage racks to meet the needs of passengers with large luggage. Passengers can place a wheeled travel bag on the rack easily.

First-Business Class Seating

The N700-I features highly functional reclining seats, ergonomically designed to address the needs of passengers on a long journey who may want to work, dine, read or sleep.

First Class Seats (cropped)

First/Business Class seating. The newly developed ergonomic seats ensure that passengers can sit back in comfort on their long journey.

Seat Recline Diagram

The superior reclining mechanism eases stress on the back, lower back and thighs. The pivot point for the backrest fits the natural movement of the human body, to eliminate the discomfort of feeling as if the back is being pulled, or the problem of having to correct the sitting positions frequently. The pivot point for the seat is placed closer to the front edge, near the back of the knees, to provide stable support and eliminate any uncomfortable pressure on the thighs.

Diagram - Seat Materials

The conventional urethane structure of the seats has been replaced with the composite inner-spring structure that combines lightweight metal wire springs with high surface rigidity resin springs with resilience and urethane foam. The structure provides firm support, incomparably stable resilience and a deep cushioning effect.

Table, Armrest

The inner armrest is equipped with a table that can be used when required and the audio panel helps First/Business Class passengers enjoy audio services.

Armrest Audio Panel

The inner armrest is equipped with a table that can be used when required and the audio panel helps First/Business Class passengers enjoy audio services.


The inner armrest is equipped with a table that can be used when required and the audio panel helps First/Business Class passengers enjoy audio services.

Table, Side Arm

There are also pull-out side tables stored in the arm rest that can be pulled out as needed.

Table, Seatback

There are sliding backrest tables that are large and slide for your comfort and convenience.

Laptop Tray

Laptop Tray

LED Seat Light

High-intensity LED reading lights are built into the seats.


No detail is too small for the engineers that designed the N700-I. The hand grips on seats make it easier for passengers to walk along the aisle.


The footrest employs an easy-to-use freely adjustable system for passenger comfort.


Each seat is equipped with leg warmers.


As you can see, there is plenty of “table-space” to spread out your computer, cell phone and other mobile devices.

Seating, Economy 2

Economy Class Cars have soft lighting positioned in the center and are designed with a gradation-patterned interior to offer a casual and gentle atmosphere. With careful attention to details, such as the use of composite-spring cushioned seats and thin ceiling lights that reflect the design philosophy for First/Business Class, a “cabin environment with a bright and open feel” is successfully delivered.

Seating, Economy

All seats, except for the middle section of a three-seater, have been widened. They adopt the newly-developed composite inner-spring structure for cushioning, like in First/Business Class. The entrance vestibule for Economy Class cars has the air of a sophisticated hotel. Similar to the First/Business Class vestibule, it boasts a wide area to accommodate passengers with large luggage

Outlets, Economy

Power outlets are also available in Economy Class, and there is ample table space for your laptop.

Bathrooms 1

Clean and bright powder rooms: Powder rooms are designed with functionality and a luxurious finish, with lights positioned on both sides of the mirror. Toilets provide additional facilities such as diaper changing tables, toilet lids that open and close automatically, and warmed toilet seats.

Bathrooms Accessible

Bathrooms Accessible

Bathrooms, Sinks

Bathrooms, Sinks

Resting Room

The spacious multipurpose room is available when added privacy is desired, such as when nursing a baby and when changing clothes.


A total of 60 on-board surveillance cameras are installed at vestibules and driver’s cabins to further enhance security.

Signs, Location

The multicolor on-board information display features a large panel that can show characters larger to ensure swift delivery of travel information. It is capable of showing two lines of text to increase the amount of information delivered to passengers (e.g. showing, in advance, the doors on which side of the train will open at the next station)

Signs, Information 2

Signs, Information 2

Signs, Information

Signs, Information